ADAPT – JM Catalog Updates


You are a busy distributor.  The last thing you have time for is making sure you have fresh content on your online catalog.  It’s bad for your customers when they never see a change on your site.  ADAPT was developed exclusively to help JM customers get better results from their catalogs.  The service will consistently refresh what displays on your JM Catalog.  Because of our extensive experience in Jan/San, we can plan the updates for you.  All you have to do is approve the plan.  We do the rest!


We update your JM site content for you every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. In each case we update the main product banners, the sidebar images and the featured items. We custom design the banners and sidebar images to fit your needs.

To get you started, we will create a plan for your site and work with you to finalize this plan. Every time you’re due for an update you will get a reminder as to what is supposed to change on your site in the next couple days giving you the opportunity to make changes if necessary. This allows us to take the burden off of you and keep things moving no matter how busy you are.

Adapt can also be bundled with our CONNECT Email Marketing service.